Civilly Wild
16 1月 2020

2018 performance

The square is a highly visible shape in human civilization, which can bring strong political and tangible features to the designated area.

The neat lawn is the nature that is being ruled. Linen, as a plant-derived product, is the product of human civilization in the process of transforming nature. It is used as the base for metaphorical ground. The staggered square structure represents the buildings in the city.

I used a road marking machine to fill the space in the form of labyrinth in the defined space. Inside the boundary is the useful space, and outside the boundary is the waste land.

From intangible to tangible, from 2 dimension to 3 dimension, the original waste land is covered and designed by the process of civilization. Will people’s collective consciousness lose in this maze-like city image?

Is the extreme of order disorder?